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Bob Baby!  Will you be my Valentine?  My little Elmer J. Fuddy Duddy! Did the red satin thong I sent you get caught in your sweet ass cheeks to make you angwee with me?  Did the chocolates give you gas?

Today my friend Bobby Messano wrote me a note, steaming!  He was so mad!!!  He said, “Did you see what that fuckstick Lefsetz wrote?!!!

I said, no.  Then asked, batting my eye lashes…was it about me?  (I thought for sure it was not.)  Messano texts me back.  Yes.

Yes?  Really?  So he sent me the link.  I used to subscribe to Lefsy, but thought he was too much of a grumpy old man, and a bit of a douche, and hit the unsubscribe button.  Then it automatically asked, “Why do you want to stop subscribing?”  (Something like that).  And I wrote, “Cuz he is a dick.”


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Sometimes I shake my head and wonder????

I just got back from a three day run and I am completely exhausted,.but Sometimes I shake my head and wonder…, I just can’t figure it out…At a Best Western on Saturday night in Vermont after our early gig, Steve and I watched a non-singer Lana Del Rey on Saturday Night Live…What in the hell was that?? I then Googled to find she has a Wikipedia page and tens of thousands of fans,,,Sometimes I shake my head and wonder…a few minutes ago I saw a page of a 20 year old Country singer who I have never heard of from CT who has a FB page with 56,000 fans and a Wikipedia page….FIFTY SIX THOUSAND FANS..Sometimes I shake my head and wonder…I stay out there all year, make amazing records, do amazing shows and have gotten in the Grammy 1st Rounds my last THREE CD’s, but I have under 300 fans on my fan page and people write Wikipedia submissions all the time for me and get turned down constantly because it “sounds like an ad”. Now this 20 year old girl is good, but she’s not a 35 year career musician and she won’t be..sorry….but her and Lana do ONE or maybe TWO CD’s and they have Thousands of fans and monstrous exposure…Sometimes I shake my head and wonder…It’s the same in my genre, I’m 57 going on 58, and I’ve been playing Contemporary Blues ONLY (after growing up loving Blues)  for 22 years, after a 15 year career touring and doing sessions, but I’m told that I’m NOT a Blues artist, I’m a “Rock Guy”…yet a ten year old that rips SRV or a 35 year ex-pop, fake pseudo Blues guy who’s a millionaire, or another 30 something whos has a 1/2 million dollar guitar store and travels in tour buses(bless his heart) , or another who has 10 hot rods and writes “Blues” about his girlfriend breaking up with him…That’s “the real deal”?? Sometimes I shake my head and wonder… I travel hundreds of thousands of miles a year, usually in my car. I try to pay my band the best I can…I do 3-4 hour shows and blow people away and I write about my life…deaths, divorces, bankruptcy, sadness, real stuff, my dad the soldier,life struggles…but I’m NOT a Blues guy…there’s never any justice in this world, but I’ll tell you…I’m glad that the people in Waitsfield, Vermont, or Middletown, NY, or Marrietta, GA, or New Glarus, Wisconsin…get it…it’s in the soul and the heart and that’s something that people FEEL and know isn’t some fake made up crap.. I don’t write about “Dust Bowls”, or whatever the hell “Blue on Black” is or going back home to Texas when you live in LA. I write about being in Texas because I  love the state, or “Sea of Hope” or “Guess Life Always Works That Way”..or “My Life In Bags” or “Holdin’ Ground” or “More Then Meets The Eye” or being in “The Depths Of Love”..I don’t know about Dust Bowls, I wasn’t in Kansas in the 30’s….I use the word “Blues” as sparsely as possible in songs, but last night I heard a completely mediocre singer doing an even more mediocre song that had the word “Blues” in it probably close to a hundred times on XM/Sirius B.B. King’s Bluesville, but “that’s why i don’t sing the blues”, my tongue in cheeek look at the above subject isn’t even on after 7 months…If you’re the real deal write you about your life and your trials and tribulations…you don’t write a generic song with the word..Blues, Blues, Blues….as I always say, the future of Blues Artists (NOT Blues guitar mini SRV clones) is the past of the artist playing it…when you’re 10, or 20, or 30, you don’t have as much to draw from,(yes some do-but where are THEY?)  especially if you’re flying first class, or sleeping in your comfy stateroom on your bus (yes I have been there too-bunks though-but it was working for other artists) or dad is taking you to meet B.B. at a meet and greet because you’re the future of the Blues….gag me…Sometimes I just shake my head and wonder…



Steve Jones  (Crossroads Blues Society) For those who missed the show and have never seen Bobby Messano, he is the best guitar player you have never heard of…Undoubtedly the most underrated act I have seen in ages! Bobby is a guitar wizard!
John ‘blueshammer’ Hammer : (KOWZ) Bobby’s music speaks for itself. What sets great new music apart from very good new music is a familiarity that speaks to the soul. You got that goin’ on. I am really diggin’ the new CD. Keep rockin’ da house my friend!
Clair DeLune: (WUSC) Bobby, I reviewed your CD for airplay on Blues Moon Radio – and you will appear on it tonight… I absolutely LOVE the CD, your voice and your style! So glad we got in touch via FB.
Richard Flynn (TOWER RECORDS):I gotta tell you – you just made my weekend…Not even sure what to say…easy to say you deserve it but you are one of the hardest working cats out there…. Nice to see good things for good people…
Reb Beach (WHITESNAKE) “Bobby has been my mentor since I was 19 years old…and he taught me how to play the blues.” His playing has been a great inspiration to me through the years, and I am so happy that he has made such a fantastic record. This one is not to missed. The record is filled with great songs, and spot on, heartfelt playing from a little known master of the electric blues guitar.” Wow! Love Love Love your record!!!! Bravo Bobby!!
Gabby Parsons:(105.5 TRIPLE M) Bobby Messano plays with passion and flair. He’s the real deal.
Galoris Brownley: You are one of the greatest guitarists I’ve seen live. Considering I’ve seen Buddy Guy, B.B. King, Joe W…alsh, to name just a few. When i heard “Get Up & Dance With The Blues” on “Live In Madison” I actually got up and danced. Felt like I was there!It was such a treat to see you very talented musicians at JM Randall’s on Saturday. You, Bobby, Steve and Felipe were outstanding! Listened to “That’s Why I Don’t Sing the Blues” on my ride home and it is FABULOUS!
Charlie Richards: If I didn’t know better, I would say it was Bobby Messano and not Jimmy Vaughn that taught Stevie Ray Vaughn how to play guitar and the blues! Bobby you rock!?
Hal Francis: Bobby, I had to drop you a note after the concert at the BBC tonight and before I go to bed. I meant every word I said about your show tonight and what I said came straight from my heart. I would love to stay in touch and if possible get a chance to see you perform again. As I said, this was the best concert I have ever attended and I have seen many being 62 years old. Thank you again for such a wonderful evening of music. Hal
Roger Mc Kelvey An amazing dedication to your craft combined with an incredible gift of talent…
Joy Campo-Decker: “I was absolutely stunned at the incredible performance and master musicians I witnessed… Sat. evening. Bobby Messano was genuinely on top of his game! I have been lucky, over 30 years, to witness such legends as the Dead, the Boss, CSNY, BB King, Ramones, Phoebe Snow, Creedence, ZZ top, and many more- but …I have to honestly say, Bobby Messano and his band were right up there with other legendary musicians that bring music to its purest and best levels ever! I was honored to have witnessed this…”
Review by John Vermilyea (Blues Underground Network)
Before starting this review, I read a review of Bobby Messano’s “That’s Why I Don’t Sing The Blues” by Rhetta Akamatsu . The first paragraph of that review instantly caught my attention, and I quote, “ This is, quite simply, the best blues-rock CD I’ve heard this year, and can stand up well with any CD of the genre I’ve ever heard, including the Allman Brothers, Derek Trucks, or any of the other Southern blues-rock greats. Not bad for a guy from Wisconsin!“. That statement caught my attention, simply because, that is pretty well exactly how I felt while listening to and after listening to the album myself.
Bobby Messano has worked hard for most of his life to get where he is today, first playing in New Jersey Club Bands at the early age of 14. Bobby Messano’s first big break came when he auditioned and got the job as Lead Guitarist and Singer for the Stanky Brown Group. His first road trip included opening for the #1 band at that time, which was Kansas. With the Stanky Brown Group and then later with another famous group called STARZ, Bobby Messano found himself in a couple of bands that were opening for the biggest acts around, such as, The Allman Brothers, Outlaws, Boston, Beach Boys, Steve Miller, Rush, Ted Nugent, and Styx, to name just a few. After that scene, Bobby Messano settled into more studio and session work as time went by, and became highly thought after. Since 2008, Bobby Messano has put out several albums, all critically acclaimed and now with the release of “That’s Why I Don’t Sing The Blues”, the accolades are once again coming hot and heavy.
“That’s Why I Don’t Sing The Blues” consists of 10 Tracks and is a respectable length of over 46 minutes. All the Tracks, except for 1, were written or co-written by Bobby Messano. The cover Track was Jimi Hendrix’s “Gypsy Eyes”, which was masterfully done and had Messano playing the Dobro. “Gypsy Eyes” also had some nice banter going on between the soundman and Messano, both at the beginning and end of the Track.
In addition to Bobby Messano on Electric/Acoustic Guitars and Dobro, he is also joined on “That’s Why I Don’t Sing The Blues” with Steve Geller (Bass), Joey B. Banks Drums, and Jimmy Voegel (Keyboards). There was also a fabulous Horn section, which consisted of Pete Ross, Chad Whittinghill, and Bryan Husk.
For the most part “That’s Why I Don’t Sing The Blues” is pretty well super solid Blues Rock, which starts with a searing opening Track “More Than Meets the Eye”. That opener lays the groundwork for the majority of the album and lets you know right away that Bobby Messano means business, whether it is a slower Jazz tinged song, such as, Track 2 “That’s Why I Don’t Sing The Blues” or a full speed ahead song, such as, Track 7 “San Antone”, Bobby Messano is going to amaze you with not only his blistering Guitar work, but also his equally amazing vocals.
Picking a few favorites off of “That’s Why I Don’t Sing The Blues”, was darn near impossible, as each Track was yet another special treat to listen to, but leaning more towards straight ahead heavy Blues Rock, I chose Tracks 5 “No Soul City” and Track 7 “San Antone”. Now don’t get me wrong, just because I picked a couple of favorites on “That’s Why I Don’t Sing The Blues”, doesn’t mean that the other Tracks aren’t great, because they are and will certainly captivate you regardless of your favorite styles of genres.
“That’s Why I Don’t Sing The Blues” is the first album I reviewed for 2012 and I am already thinking that it is the one to beat, for sure, in the category of Blues/Rock. It is an outstanding album from an outstanding artist, and as such it receives my highest rating of 5*****. Very Highly Recommended and Thoroughly Enjoyed. I cannot wait to listen to Bobby Messano’s next release.

Bob Lefsetz / Linda Chorney/ Me OH YEA THE 99%

Below is what Linda Chorney posted in her blog..I’m pasting…

This is what I said in my FB comments:

You go get em my buddy Linda Chorney…I think ole Bob Lefsetz, is a spineless tool of the same people he seems to rallye against…When an artist can actually use the tools (yes I used the word twice) he talks about to meet the goals that he is a cheerleader for, he gets confused and won’t even print the comments from the people that do all of the things he says you should do. (Tour, work as an Indie, sweat, toil…etc.) Just a bunch of meaningless pap coming out of the mouth of a man who makes money talking about..oh .today’s Lefsetz Post..THE 99% US!! What would happen if the file sharing people hacked his direct deposit payment for his “speaking (I use that loosely) “engagements”..lions and tigers and bears Oh my ” He would have a Lef-setz melt down. See the reason he doesn’t print the “non-Cool-Lefsetz-get the numbers people”…is he thinks it actually means something when he writes…Hey Bob…why don’t you come out in the trenches with us…Working from 5 am sending out booking and press request because we have no publicist or agency, or packing those CD’s up and printing postage because we have no label, or jumping in an SUV with the band, pa and luggage to play gigs because we have no tour bus…Oh sorry that would take away from your Vail trips. Amazing…you are just like them…the people you can’t stand…

Hello Gorgeous!  (Please imagine Barbra Streisand‘s voice for proper effect.)

I thought long and hard before hitting the send button on this one.  Ya know that moment…hmm, should I?  You’re the president of  your Universe, finger hovering over the red button.  What will the repercussions be?  Fuck it.  BOOOM!

Now that I have been nominated for Best Americana Album – “Emotional Jukebox”, people are all of a sudden trying to handle me.   No one can handle a 51 year old woman!

The thing is, this 51 year old woman has worked long and hard to get this recognition in her career.  And there are many others out there trying to do the same, like Bobby Messano and Lee Paris, to name a couple I heard on Grammy 365 that didn’t make the next round.   I just got lucky.

It would be one thing if you listened to my album, and wrote about the music, even if you didn’t care for it.  But instead you toss in a blurb that fits in with your Louis C.K. piece, (who I am a huge fan of), and try to discredit me? 

And because I do read your blog, I was a bit disappointed.  I am confused.  I thought you were all about the Independent Artists?  You don’t get more independent than I am.  I don’t even have an Indi Label.  It’s the corporation of me, myself and I.   And I’m not sure you thought long and hard before writing what you did about me, and the repercussions it might have, right at the same time the voting process is going on, and how it might influence others that have not heard “Emotional Jukebox.”

Now, I shall attach what I wrote the day I read your blog:  Here goes…

You read a couple of press articles while on vacation, in Vail, ironically where I played hundreds of shows, and am performing while you are actually here this week, and you write that I may have “Gamed” the system?

On what basis?  (And what the heck is gaming the system anyway?)

I am not angry here, (well maybe a little), I am just addressing how you are depicting the Grammy 365 community, NARAS, and Independent Artists.

And I quote from your post:

"2. It's all about your tribe. Without a fan base, without an audience, Louis C.K.'s Beacon video would have fallen on deaf ears. You can pay a publicist to get you on "Entertainment Tonight", just don't expect anybody to care. People still believe if you can just cross that threshold, you're in the club. And the way to get there is by signing a deal with a major or working the publicity angle so damn hard that everybody knows you and you're made. But you're not. 
Linda Chorney may have gamed the Grammy system, may have even gotten a bit of mainstream publicity, 
but is anybody listening to her music, has she gained any real fans? 
No. So she can post her nomination certificate on her wall, has a story to tell, but she's moved the ball not an inch as an artist.  It's easy to be famous. It's hard to have fans."
“Is anybody listening to her music, No?”  I guess that’s partially correct… You haven’t.
Explain to me how an Independent Artist with no label, team, publicist, or backing may have “gamed” the system?
(I can’t even figure out how to use my damn remote for the tv!)
Just because an unknown has not sold X amount of albums, is there  no value to the music?

Do you think the opinions of all  NARAS Members who voted for me are invalid?

Do musicians, engineers, writers, and composers not have as good of an ear?

Do you feel that an independent artist should not have the right to be heard?

Have I gained any real fans?

Who do you think voted for me? 

Do you think it is wise to mess with a woman going through menopause?!!

No Sir, I did not game the system.   And neither do the rest of the Independent Artists on Grammy 365.

I am truly honored and thrilled to have been nominated in Americana with the amazing artists Emmylou Harris, Lucinda Williams, Ry Cooder, and Levon Helms, in a category that has also included 4 of my idols, Robert Plant, Rosanne Cash, Willie Nelson, and Bob Dylan.

All of us that are Indie Artists joined Grammy 365 in hopes that we might be heard.  That we might be considered.

And one of them, who happens to be me, Linda Chorney, gets a nomination, so therefore it must be some kind of trick?

And I take from your quote above almost in the same breath as you dissed me:

"Without a fan base, without an audience, Louis C.K.'s Beacon video would have fallen on deaf ears."

Because of Grammy 365, my album EMOTIONAL JUKEBOX did not fall upon deaf ears. 

They listened.

"So she can post her nomination certificate on her wall, has a story to tell, but she's moved the ball not an inch as an artist.  It's easy to be famous. It's hard to have fans."

It’s easy to be a critic.  It’s hard to do your homework.

Thanks for the mention.  I would love to send you my CD.  I’ll even sign it for ya!  Perhaps gain another fan!

A wise woman sent me this after reading your blog…this probably would have been enough…but I am having too much fun!

Bob, Babs.  Babs, Bob.

Bob Lefsetz

Bob Lefsetz in his all-knowing blog said this today about my bud Linda Chorney:

Linda Chorney may have gamed the Grammy system, may have even gotten a bit of mainstream publicity, but is anybody listening to her music, has she gained any real fans? No.So she can post her nomination certificate on her wall, has a story to tell, but she’s moved the ball not an inch as an artist.It’s easy to be famous.It’s hard to have fans.

This is my answer…and it has to do with all of us Indie Artists out there:

Bob, as usual, nobody will see this reply, because I’m just not cool enough, or my name doesn’t have enough weight as most of the e-mails you put on the blog..and even though I’ve played with tons of your favorite artists, and  on over 50 albums…I just don’t have the name recognition that will give you the numbers, mmm sort of like Ticketmaster…

I’ll tell you man, for someone that is supposedly so tuned into the “New” non-music-music business, you get whacked in the head  with stuff sometimes and STILL JUST DON’T GET IT…You talk about how people have to ply their trade and stay out there on the road and work stuff the new way, like the Myspace Bands do and don’t even realize there are people out there doing it…Putting CD’s out, staying on the road 200 days a year, getting in the 1st Round ballot of the Grammy’s that you  hate so much..It’s because…they’re under the Lefsetz radar and won’t pull the blog numbers…

Let me tell you something about the Linda Chorney Grammy Nomination thing..Yes she is my friend. She is just a singer/player/writer like a lot of us, and if you were so all knowing about this shit, you’d know she didn’t “Game” the Grammy’s…she did this like every one of us trying to get a nomination..(Yes, to some people it means something-especially if it can be changed from the old guard) She submitted to the committee that listens to the 10-12K of albums that were submitted, they dug it and put her in the Americana (and other) category with the other 134 albums. What you don’t get and should be jumping up and down about is that the “usual suspects’, the “old players’, the Neil Portnow’s and all the other label people that you are so angered about…they’re all confused, crazy and PISSED OFF…BECAUSE SHE WORKED IT LIKE A NEW MUSIC PERSON…The new biz you always talk about!!…she solicited votes through Grammy365, and Facebook and all the other social media that you love (and I use) AND GOT IN…despite the odds,nobody knowing who she is and everyone fighting against her…Who friggin’ cares about sales and how the fuck do you know that she hasn’t made new fans…you sound like an old school label person to me man…”no way she got in…nobody can like her…how dare she”..SHE is what you talk about and what every one of us Indie artists strives for..TO CHANGE THE OLD BIZ, working hard AND working it the new way…But somehow that escapes you…Maybe if you look a little closer at the stuff that you seem to be so fond of, and insiteful about…you’ll see artists like Linda…maybe even…me…(I was in Four categories,,,didn’t stand a chance in any…except Best Blues…but can I compete with 3 Allmans..NO) You’ll never print this,because it’s the truth… but I hope you read it and it makes you ponder your own thoughts on how we older Indie artists work in 2011…It’s the way you always talk about…except we don’t have the working capital…it’s by the skin of our teeth..but maybe that’s not good enough…tell you what though…it won’t stop us….WE are who you write about…you just don’t want anyone to know it seems…

Hi Blog People

Ok…this will be my new forum for rants and chats and all things good and evil…It’s getting annoying havin Facebook rants…so…I’ll do it here in the semi-safety of my own Blog….I’ll get started soon…Love you my friends and fans…and I listen to you all that aren’t..:)