Bob Lefsetz in his all-knowing blog said this today about my bud Linda Chorney:

Linda Chorney may have gamed the Grammy system, may have even gotten a bit of mainstream publicity, but is anybody listening to her music, has she gained any real fans? No.So she can post her nomination certificate on her wall, has a story to tell, but she’s moved the ball not an inch as an artist.It’s easy to be famous.It’s hard to have fans.

This is my answer…and it has to do with all of us Indie Artists out there:

Bob, as usual, nobody will see this reply, because I’m just not cool enough, or my name doesn’t have enough weight as most of the e-mails you put on the blog..and even though I’ve played with tons of your favorite artists, and  on over 50 albums…I just don’t have the name recognition that will give you the numbers, mmm sort of like Ticketmaster…

I’ll tell you man, for someone that is supposedly so tuned into the “New” non-music-music business, you get whacked in the head  with stuff sometimes and STILL JUST DON’T GET IT…You talk about how people have to ply their trade and stay out there on the road and work stuff the new way, like the Myspace Bands do and don’t even realize there are people out there doing it…Putting CD’s out, staying on the road 200 days a year, getting in the 1st Round ballot of the Grammy’s that you  hate so much..It’s because…they’re under the Lefsetz radar and won’t pull the blog numbers…

Let me tell you something about the Linda Chorney Grammy Nomination thing..Yes she is my friend. She is just a singer/player/writer like a lot of us, and if you were so all knowing about this shit, you’d know she didn’t “Game” the Grammy’s…she did this like every one of us trying to get a nomination..(Yes, to some people it means something-especially if it can be changed from the old guard) She submitted to the committee that listens to the 10-12K of albums that were submitted, they dug it and put her in the Americana (and other) category with the other 134 albums. What you don’t get and should be jumping up and down about is that the “usual suspects’, the “old players’, the Neil Portnow’s and all the other label people that you are so angered about…they’re all confused, crazy and PISSED OFF…BECAUSE SHE WORKED IT LIKE A NEW MUSIC PERSON…The new biz you always talk about!!…she solicited votes through Grammy365, and Facebook and all the other social media that you love (and I use) AND GOT IN…despite the odds,nobody knowing who she is and everyone fighting against her…Who friggin’ cares about sales and how the fuck do you know that she hasn’t made new fans…you sound like an old school label person to me man…”no way she got in…nobody can like her…how dare she”..SHE is what you talk about and what every one of us Indie artists strives for..TO CHANGE THE OLD BIZ, working hard AND working it the new way…But somehow that escapes you…Maybe if you look a little closer at the stuff that you seem to be so fond of, and insiteful about…you’ll see artists like Linda…maybe even…me…(I was in Four categories,,,didn’t stand a chance in any…except Best Blues…but can I compete with 3 Allmans..NO) You’ll never print this,because it’s the truth… but I hope you read it and it makes you ponder your own thoughts on how we older Indie artists work in 2011…It’s the way you always talk about…except we don’t have the working capital…it’s by the skin of our teeth..but maybe that’s not good enough…tell you what though…it won’t stop us….WE are who you write about…you just don’t want anyone to know it seems…


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  1. think I’ll check her out, just to see what all the fuss is about. She might even get a new fan outta this!

  2. bobbymessano says:

    She’s really great…interesting…intelligent…Dave would have really liked her too..:)

  3. Geoff Wilbourn says:

    Emotional Jukebox is a real cool album for sure. And Bob is just a blowhard

  4. Who The F@&# is Linda Chorney??

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