Below is what Linda Chorney posted in her blog..I’m pasting…

This is what I said in my FB comments:

You go get em my buddy Linda Chorney…I think ole Bob Lefsetz, is a spineless tool of the same people he seems to rallye against…When an artist can actually use the tools (yes I used the word twice) he talks about to meet the goals that he is a cheerleader for, he gets confused and won’t even print the comments from the people that do all of the things he says you should do. (Tour, work as an Indie, sweat, toil…etc.) Just a bunch of meaningless pap coming out of the mouth of a man who makes money talking about..oh .today’s Lefsetz Post..THE 99% US!! What would happen if the file sharing people hacked his direct deposit payment for his “speaking (I use that loosely) “engagements”..lions and tigers and bears Oh my ” He would have a Lef-setz melt down. See the reason he doesn’t print the “non-Cool-Lefsetz-get the numbers people”…is he thinks it actually means something when he writes…Hey Bob…why don’t you come out in the trenches with us…Working from 5 am sending out booking and press request because we have no publicist or agency, or packing those CD’s up and printing postage because we have no label, or jumping in an SUV with the band, pa and luggage to play gigs because we have no tour bus…Oh sorry that would take away from your Vail trips. Amazing…you are just like them…the people you can’t stand…

Hello Gorgeous!  (Please imagine Barbra Streisand‘s voice for proper effect.)

I thought long and hard before hitting the send button on this one.  Ya know that moment…hmm, should I?  You’re the president of  your Universe, finger hovering over the red button.  What will the repercussions be?  Fuck it.  BOOOM!

Now that I have been nominated for Best Americana Album – “Emotional Jukebox”, people are all of a sudden trying to handle me.   No one can handle a 51 year old woman!

The thing is, this 51 year old woman has worked long and hard to get this recognition in her career.  And there are many others out there trying to do the same, like Bobby Messano and Lee Paris, to name a couple I heard on Grammy 365 that didn’t make the next round.   I just got lucky.

It would be one thing if you listened to my album, and wrote about the music, even if you didn’t care for it.  But instead you toss in a blurb that fits in with your Louis C.K. piece, (who I am a huge fan of), and try to discredit me? 

And because I do read your blog, I was a bit disappointed.  I am confused.  I thought you were all about the Independent Artists?  You don’t get more independent than I am.  I don’t even have an Indi Label.  It’s the corporation of me, myself and I.   And I’m not sure you thought long and hard before writing what you did about me, and the repercussions it might have, right at the same time the voting process is going on, and how it might influence others that have not heard “Emotional Jukebox.”

Now, I shall attach what I wrote the day I read your blog:  Here goes…

You read a couple of press articles while on vacation, in Vail, ironically where I played hundreds of shows, and am performing while you are actually here this week, and you write that I may have “Gamed” the system?

On what basis?  (And what the heck is gaming the system anyway?)

I am not angry here, (well maybe a little), I am just addressing how you are depicting the Grammy 365 community, NARAS, and Independent Artists.

And I quote from your post:

"2. It's all about your tribe. Without a fan base, without an audience, Louis C.K.'s Beacon video would have fallen on deaf ears. You can pay a publicist to get you on "Entertainment Tonight", just don't expect anybody to care. People still believe if you can just cross that threshold, you're in the club. And the way to get there is by signing a deal with a major or working the publicity angle so damn hard that everybody knows you and you're made. But you're not. 
Linda Chorney may have gamed the Grammy system, may have even gotten a bit of mainstream publicity, 
but is anybody listening to her music, has she gained any real fans? 
No. So she can post her nomination certificate on her wall, has a story to tell, but she's moved the ball not an inch as an artist.  It's easy to be famous. It's hard to have fans."
“Is anybody listening to her music, No?”  I guess that’s partially correct… You haven’t.
Explain to me how an Independent Artist with no label, team, publicist, or backing may have “gamed” the system?
(I can’t even figure out how to use my damn remote for the tv!)
Just because an unknown has not sold X amount of albums, is there  no value to the music?

Do you think the opinions of all  NARAS Members who voted for me are invalid?

Do musicians, engineers, writers, and composers not have as good of an ear?

Do you feel that an independent artist should not have the right to be heard?

Have I gained any real fans?

Who do you think voted for me? 

Do you think it is wise to mess with a woman going through menopause?!!

No Sir, I did not game the system.   And neither do the rest of the Independent Artists on Grammy 365.

I am truly honored and thrilled to have been nominated in Americana with the amazing artists Emmylou Harris, Lucinda Williams, Ry Cooder, and Levon Helms, in a category that has also included 4 of my idols, Robert Plant, Rosanne Cash, Willie Nelson, and Bob Dylan.

All of us that are Indie Artists joined Grammy 365 in hopes that we might be heard.  That we might be considered.

And one of them, who happens to be me, Linda Chorney, gets a nomination, so therefore it must be some kind of trick?

And I take from your quote above almost in the same breath as you dissed me:

"Without a fan base, without an audience, Louis C.K.'s Beacon video would have fallen on deaf ears."

Because of Grammy 365, my album EMOTIONAL JUKEBOX did not fall upon deaf ears. 

They listened.

"So she can post her nomination certificate on her wall, has a story to tell, but she's moved the ball not an inch as an artist.  It's easy to be famous. It's hard to have fans."

It’s easy to be a critic.  It’s hard to do your homework.

Thanks for the mention.  I would love to send you my CD.  I’ll even sign it for ya!  Perhaps gain another fan!

A wise woman sent me this after reading your blog…this probably would have been enough…but I am having too much fun!

Bob, Babs.  Babs, Bob.


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