Steve Jones  (Crossroads Blues Society) For those who missed the show and have never seen Bobby Messano, he is the best guitar player you have never heard of…Undoubtedly the most underrated act I have seen in ages! Bobby is a guitar wizard!
John ‘blueshammer’ Hammer : (KOWZ) Bobby’s music speaks for itself. What sets great new music apart from very good new music is a familiarity that speaks to the soul. You got that goin’ on. I am really diggin’ the new CD. Keep rockin’ da house my friend!
Clair DeLune: (WUSC) Bobby, I reviewed your CD for airplay on Blues Moon Radio – and you will appear on it tonight… I absolutely LOVE the CD, your voice and your style! So glad we got in touch via FB.
Richard Flynn (TOWER RECORDS):I gotta tell you – you just made my weekend…Not even sure what to say…easy to say you deserve it but you are one of the hardest working cats out there…. Nice to see good things for good people…
Reb Beach (WHITESNAKE) “Bobby has been my mentor since I was 19 years old…and he taught me how to play the blues.” His playing has been a great inspiration to me through the years, and I am so happy that he has made such a fantastic record. This one is not to missed. The record is filled with great songs, and spot on, heartfelt playing from a little known master of the electric blues guitar.” Wow! Love Love Love your record!!!! Bravo Bobby!!
Gabby Parsons:(105.5 TRIPLE M) Bobby Messano plays with passion and flair. He’s the real deal.
Galoris Brownley: You are one of the greatest guitarists I’ve seen live. Considering I’ve seen Buddy Guy, B.B. King, Joe W…alsh, to name just a few. When i heard “Get Up & Dance With The Blues” on “Live In Madison” I actually got up and danced. Felt like I was there!It was such a treat to see you very talented musicians at JM Randall’s on Saturday. You, Bobby, Steve and Felipe were outstanding! Listened to “That’s Why I Don’t Sing the Blues” on my ride home and it is FABULOUS!
Charlie Richards: If I didn’t know better, I would say it was Bobby Messano and not Jimmy Vaughn that taught Stevie Ray Vaughn how to play guitar and the blues! Bobby you rock!?
Hal Francis: Bobby, I had to drop you a note after the concert at the BBC tonight and before I go to bed. I meant every word I said about your show tonight and what I said came straight from my heart. I would love to stay in touch and if possible get a chance to see you perform again. As I said, this was the best concert I have ever attended and I have seen many being 62 years old. Thank you again for such a wonderful evening of music. Hal
Roger Mc Kelvey An amazing dedication to your craft combined with an incredible gift of talent…
Joy Campo-Decker: “I was absolutely stunned at the incredible performance and master musicians I witnessed… Sat. evening. Bobby Messano was genuinely on top of his game! I have been lucky, over 30 years, to witness such legends as the Dead, the Boss, CSNY, BB King, Ramones, Phoebe Snow, Creedence, ZZ top, and many more- but …I have to honestly say, Bobby Messano and his band were right up there with other legendary musicians that bring music to its purest and best levels ever! I was honored to have witnessed this…”
Review by John Vermilyea (Blues Underground Network)
Before starting this review, I read a review of Bobby Messano’s “That’s Why I Don’t Sing The Blues” by Rhetta Akamatsu . The first paragraph of that review instantly caught my attention, and I quote, “ This is, quite simply, the best blues-rock CD I’ve heard this year, and can stand up well with any CD of the genre I’ve ever heard, including the Allman Brothers, Derek Trucks, or any of the other Southern blues-rock greats. Not bad for a guy from Wisconsin!“. That statement caught my attention, simply because, that is pretty well exactly how I felt while listening to and after listening to the album myself.
Bobby Messano has worked hard for most of his life to get where he is today, first playing in New Jersey Club Bands at the early age of 14. Bobby Messano’s first big break came when he auditioned and got the job as Lead Guitarist and Singer for the Stanky Brown Group. His first road trip included opening for the #1 band at that time, which was Kansas. With the Stanky Brown Group and then later with another famous group called STARZ, Bobby Messano found himself in a couple of bands that were opening for the biggest acts around, such as, The Allman Brothers, Outlaws, Boston, Beach Boys, Steve Miller, Rush, Ted Nugent, and Styx, to name just a few. After that scene, Bobby Messano settled into more studio and session work as time went by, and became highly thought after. Since 2008, Bobby Messano has put out several albums, all critically acclaimed and now with the release of “That’s Why I Don’t Sing The Blues”, the accolades are once again coming hot and heavy.
“That’s Why I Don’t Sing The Blues” consists of 10 Tracks and is a respectable length of over 46 minutes. All the Tracks, except for 1, were written or co-written by Bobby Messano. The cover Track was Jimi Hendrix’s “Gypsy Eyes”, which was masterfully done and had Messano playing the Dobro. “Gypsy Eyes” also had some nice banter going on between the soundman and Messano, both at the beginning and end of the Track.
In addition to Bobby Messano on Electric/Acoustic Guitars and Dobro, he is also joined on “That’s Why I Don’t Sing The Blues” with Steve Geller (Bass), Joey B. Banks Drums, and Jimmy Voegel (Keyboards). There was also a fabulous Horn section, which consisted of Pete Ross, Chad Whittinghill, and Bryan Husk.
For the most part “That’s Why I Don’t Sing The Blues” is pretty well super solid Blues Rock, which starts with a searing opening Track “More Than Meets the Eye”. That opener lays the groundwork for the majority of the album and lets you know right away that Bobby Messano means business, whether it is a slower Jazz tinged song, such as, Track 2 “That’s Why I Don’t Sing The Blues” or a full speed ahead song, such as, Track 7 “San Antone”, Bobby Messano is going to amaze you with not only his blistering Guitar work, but also his equally amazing vocals.
Picking a few favorites off of “That’s Why I Don’t Sing The Blues”, was darn near impossible, as each Track was yet another special treat to listen to, but leaning more towards straight ahead heavy Blues Rock, I chose Tracks 5 “No Soul City” and Track 7 “San Antone”. Now don’t get me wrong, just because I picked a couple of favorites on “That’s Why I Don’t Sing The Blues”, doesn’t mean that the other Tracks aren’t great, because they are and will certainly captivate you regardless of your favorite styles of genres.
“That’s Why I Don’t Sing The Blues” is the first album I reviewed for 2012 and I am already thinking that it is the one to beat, for sure, in the category of Blues/Rock. It is an outstanding album from an outstanding artist, and as such it receives my highest rating of 5*****. Very Highly Recommended and Thoroughly Enjoyed. I cannot wait to listen to Bobby Messano’s next release.

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