I just got back from a three day run and I am completely exhausted,.but Sometimes I shake my head and wonder…, I just can’t figure it out…At a Best Western on Saturday night in Vermont after our early gig, Steve and I watched a non-singer Lana Del Rey on Saturday Night Live…What in the hell was that?? I then Googled to find she has a Wikipedia page and tens of thousands of fans,,,Sometimes I shake my head and wonder…a few minutes ago I saw a page of a 20 year old Country singer who I have never heard of from CT who has a FB page with 56,000 fans and a Wikipedia page….FIFTY SIX THOUSAND FANS..Sometimes I shake my head and wonder…I stay out there all year, make amazing records, do amazing shows and have gotten in the Grammy 1st Rounds my last THREE CD’s, but I have under 300 fans on my fan page and people write Wikipedia submissions all the time for me and get turned down constantly because it “sounds like an ad”. Now this 20 year old girl is good, but she’s not a 35 year career musician and she won’t be..sorry….but her and Lana do ONE or maybe TWO CD’s and they have Thousands of fans and monstrous exposure…Sometimes I shake my head and wonder…It’s the same in my genre, I’m 57 going on 58, and I’ve been playing Contemporary Blues ONLY (after growing up loving Blues)  for 22 years, after a 15 year career touring and doing sessions, but I’m told that I’m NOT a Blues artist, I’m a “Rock Guy”…yet a ten year old that rips SRV or a 35 year ex-pop, fake pseudo Blues guy who’s a millionaire, or another 30 something whos has a 1/2 million dollar guitar store and travels in tour buses(bless his heart) , or another who has 10 hot rods and writes “Blues” about his girlfriend breaking up with him…That’s “the real deal”?? Sometimes I shake my head and wonder… I travel hundreds of thousands of miles a year, usually in my car. I try to pay my band the best I can…I do 3-4 hour shows and blow people away and I write about my life…deaths, divorces, bankruptcy, sadness, real stuff, my dad the soldier,life struggles…but I’m NOT a Blues guy…there’s never any justice in this world, but I’ll tell you…I’m glad that the people in Waitsfield, Vermont, or Middletown, NY, or Marrietta, GA, or New Glarus, Wisconsin…get it…it’s in the soul and the heart and that’s something that people FEEL and know isn’t some fake made up crap.. I don’t write about “Dust Bowls”, or whatever the hell “Blue on Black” is or going back home to Texas when you live in LA. I write about being in Texas because I  love the state, or “Sea of Hope” or “Guess Life Always Works That Way”..or “My Life In Bags” or “Holdin’ Ground” or “More Then Meets The Eye” or being in “The Depths Of Love”..I don’t know about Dust Bowls, I wasn’t in Kansas in the 30’s….I use the word “Blues” as sparsely as possible in songs, but last night I heard a completely mediocre singer doing an even more mediocre song that had the word “Blues” in it probably close to a hundred times on XM/Sirius B.B. King’s Bluesville, but “that’s why i don’t sing the blues”, my tongue in cheeek look at the above subject isn’t even on after 7 months…If you’re the real deal write you about your life and your trials and tribulations…you don’t write a generic song with the word..Blues, Blues, Blues….as I always say, the future of Blues Artists (NOT Blues guitar mini SRV clones) is the past of the artist playing it…when you’re 10, or 20, or 30, you don’t have as much to draw from,(yes some do-but where are THEY?)  especially if you’re flying first class, or sleeping in your comfy stateroom on your bus (yes I have been there too-bunks though-but it was working for other artists) or dad is taking you to meet B.B. at a meet and greet because you’re the future of the Blues….gag me…Sometimes I just shake my head and wonder…



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