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Bob Baby!  Will you be my Valentine?  My little Elmer J. Fuddy Duddy! Did the red satin thong I sent you get caught in your sweet ass cheeks to make you angwee with me?  Did the chocolates give you gas?

Today my friend Bobby Messano wrote me a note, steaming!  He was so mad!!!  He said, “Did you see what that fuckstick Lefsetz wrote?!!!

I said, no.  Then asked, batting my eye lashes…was it about me?  (I thought for sure it was not.)  Messano texts me back.  Yes.

Yes?  Really?  So he sent me the link.  I used to subscribe to Lefsy, but thought he was too much of a grumpy old man, and a bit of a douche, and hit the unsubscribe button.  Then it automatically asked, “Why do you want to stop subscribing?”  (Something like that).  And I wrote, “Cuz he is a dick.”


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